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We created a customized limited edition news package to restart Nike's oldest and most iconic football shoe: Nike Tiempo. The craftsmanship and nostalgia of boots are brought to life, and they look like kangaroo leather as soft as the legendary boots themselves. We have also created an online media portal to encourage the world's most influential sports journalists to take Tiempo's rich heritage and new incarnation as a modern classic.


To be honest, it's a little difficult to find the right words to describe the impression of Hayden Matisse's ascension lamp. The London designer himself has captured the whole concept and feeling of light in a simple but very precise sentence:

The sense of movement in space through light.

When you look at the lamp carefully, that's exactly what you'll find. This object has so little material, but so much expression. This is a rare example of minimalism and organic shapes, intense reduction and movement of expression, but also in this design. Now, you might ask yourself: but minimalism is very much about functionality. Is the light really working? I will answer that the function of interior design is not only practical, especially in light. It is very about creating a warm environment to meet the tastes and needs of residents. And I'll add that booster lights have such a huge impact on the atmosphere of the room, which actually allows you to focus on the practicality of every other object you want in the same space. You will still feel comfortable and at home.

This is a really good minimalist design that can be done for you.

category  industrial design

Article by  Jana Arens

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September 4, 2017
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